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Purified Water Delivery in Prince Albert

Using cutting-edge scientific technology, B & P Water Shop offers the purest water to homes and businesses in Prince Albert and its surrounding areas. We supply purified water bottles ranging from small, personal servings all the way to five gallon containers. We also offer bags of purified ice that are perfect for your next event, so that your drinks and cocktails always taste refreshing and never watered down.

Call us or visit our shop today for a quote. We’re located one block south of the Gateway Mall on 1st Avenue.


  • Purified water bottles from 500ml to 18.9L (5 gallons)
  • Purified 2.5 kg ice bags
  • Water coolers (residential sales and office rentals)


  • Water cooler delivery, repairs and cleaning
  • Water pick up or delivery
  • Ice delivery
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